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Rules. Read 'em.

Welcome to Four-Kingdoms-RP! I hope you have a great time and meet lots of new people!

Make sure to visit our new sister group: :iconaligned-rp:

You don’t have to ask before you join. You can just join.

:star::star::star::star::star::star: READ RULES! IMPORTANT! :star::star::star::star::star::star:

:bulletyellow: After you join, you can submit as many characters as you like to any kingdom or class, but only AFTER you join.

:bulletyellow: Each kingdom is different and has its pros and cons. Make sure you check them all out before choosing yours.

:bulletyellow: All mediums are welcome! (Drawings, bases, photography, poetry, literature, etc.) But if you’re submitting a character, and you’re a writer, not a drawer, please put a drawing or something else showing what they look like. We don’t judge people based on their skills.

:bulletyellow: Each kingdom has a different number of royalty positions (except in the spot of king and queen.). Also, positions such as knights, servants, peasants, mages, and farmers have no limit on how many people are in that spot.

:bulletyellow: Also, four extra files exist. One for monsters such as dragons, and one for Gods and mythology (a made up world needs made up Gods. I’m not trying to disregard anyone’s religion), one for characters who hold loyalty towards no kingdom in particular, and one for the dearly departed and missing.

:bulletyellow: For the Gods file, try to give them an interesting name. No one will make fun of it, I promise. Also, you can make both Gods and Goddesses. Just because it says God and not Goddess, doesn’t mean it can’t be a girl. Feel free to change it to Goddess.

:bulletyellow: Further info about the kingdoms will be posted inside that kingdom’s gallery folder.

:bulletyellow: Before you submit a character that has a limited amount of spots (IE, princess, prince, etc.) send the group a note so that we can reserve the spot for you.

:bulletyellow: From now on, a person must be active in the rp before they have the right to have a god or a royal. People that are active can have multiple gods or royals, but only if they rp well and don't godmod.

:bulletyellow: Don't ask about other names of kingdoms and capital cities. Things like that will be arranged once we have more gods in place.

:bulletyellow: This RP is based in the past. If a character is too modern looking or uses modern day weapons, THEY WILL BE DENIED! Guns are allowed, but only old fashioned ones.

:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: ALWAYS include the character's class in the artist's comments section!!! :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:

Please enjoy, and let me know if I left out any important information.

:bulletwhite: Light Kingdom

King- Elevantine Morata by Dugcraft
Queen- (vacant)
Eldest princess- (vacant)
Middle princess- (vacant)
Youngest princess- Music by Brookyln1Voorhees
Prince- Perae Morata by Dugcraft

Maria by BbyCandy

Kane Dyanne by BbyCandy

Alice by creeperindacorner
Oydi Ellis by NeverEndingMaze21
Winnie Wilson by Ashkuto

Cypris Crast by SouSou-Sama
Orange Plant by Noodleishious

Pear Bush by Noodleishious

Plum Berry by Noodleishious

Meris Ferris by Souigintou

:bulletblack: Kingdom of Darkness

King- (reserved for ShadyHero175)
Queen- Gwen by sarahbeara
Princess- (vacant)
Eldest prince- (vacant)
Middle prince- (vacant)
Youngest prince- (vacant)

(No nobles yet)

Izabelah Williams by Suigintan

Denzil Desiderio by vegetable-cube
Dedushka "Raijin" Pretium by Flikwatanabe

(No peasants yet)

(No farmers yet)

Jojiro "Yami" Kurai by Gama-Tan

Wratio Dento by Gama-Tan

:bulletblue: Ice Kingdom

King- (vacant)
Queen- (vacant)
Eldest princess- (vacant)
Middle princess- Kya by MoonlighttheEevee
Youngest princess- (vacant)
Prince- Kouri by FadoTheSage

Labrinth by boxofchocolets

Kristy by Bluesheepy

Hadasa Tyhler Rikkonake by BbyCandy
Kiyotaka Odahviing by van-jorge
Dath Rand David by ljscarlett
Naide Schultz by van-jorge
Ulfric Schultz by van-jorge

(No peasants yet)

Ella by BlueEyesNeko

Fenrir by van-jorge
Yuki Odhviing by van-jorge
Yunna Odhviing by van-jorge

(No slaves yet)

:bulletred: Fire Kingdom

King- (reserved for vegetable-cube)
Queen- (vacant)
Eldest prince- (vacant)
Middle prince- (vacant)
Youngest prince- (reserved for Souigintou)
Princess- (Reserved for PrincessJalava)

Lady Juliette Myradide by BbyCandy

(No servants yet)

(No knights yet)

(No peasants yet)

Daylen Forlen by sarahbeara

Aiden Waters by SouSou-Sama

(No slaves yet)

:bulletgreen: Neutral Characters

Wynn Crast by SouSou-Sama
Freya Magpie by vegetable-cube

(No thieves or burglers yet)

Dart Kazuma by Flikwatanabe
Ragon "Victor" Hugen by WoofKing

Natalia by IntoxicatingFreedom

Kyra by vegetable-cube
Krasota Mirovich by Flikwatanabe
Jonathan Thymore by WoofKing

(No ninjas yet)

Ventus "Fuijin" Pretium by Flikwatanabe
N'Talia by BbyCandy

-Missionaries, Clerics, & Preists
Kahn by Souigintou
Kiljoy Tselitel by Flikwatanabe
Dolither by van-jorge

-Bar Workers
Marian Sanring by sarahbeara

-Witches and Warlocks
Fatimah Rylin by Souigintou
Rylin by Souigintou
Jared Pille by SouSou-Sama
Ilia Pille by SouSou-Sama
Warrick Pille by SouSou-Sama
Hattie by sarahbeara

-Mafia and Criminal Organization Leaders
Notra Mirovich by Flikwatanabe
Faust "Shopkeeper" Ferris by Souigintou
Pille Rylin by SouSou-Sama
Uri by Souigintou

Livia Willis by Souigintou

-Lawful Neutrals
Celeste Avrhams by BbyCandy
Robin Fey by BbyCandy

Ashelii by BbyCandy

Cynthia of Sloth by Souigintou
Charity by BbyCandy
Siamaqe of Pride by BbyCandy
Nemo of Envy by sarahbeara
Alexandria Desiderio by vegetable-cube
Frivo by Flikwatanabe
Oscuro by Leviathanlover
Losalia Deperoe by BbyCandy
Madman by Leviathanlover
Abner Dibroost by van-jorge
Theron by Souigintou
Brook Pinch by TheRedBoots
Antonio Bell by Dugcraft

:star: Monsters and other creatures

Izealleite by Leviathanlover
Landon by Souigintou
Eva by BlueEyesNeko

Meeka by BlueEyesNeko

Fenril by sarahbeara

Ran by sarahbeara
Maximum by littleflowergirl

Skull by van-jorge
Kit by sarahbeara
Virgil by sarahbeara
Tarren by sarahbeara
Adaline by sarahbeara
Sophia by sarahbeara
Katharine by sarahbeara

Valinity by sarahbeara

Scholace Derdriu by BbyCandy

Seamus MacTavish by Flikwatanabe

Raen by sarahbeara
Armonia by BbyCandy
Mouna of Lust by SouSou-Sama

Phosye by BbyCandy
Vestec by Flikwatanabe
Jebeddo Axinhed by Flikwatanabe
Starchunk by sarahbeara
The Shapeshifter by Souigintou
Scruffy by Leviathanlover

:star: Gods and Goddesses

-Leader of the Gods- Niray by Souigintou

-God of Weather- (vacant)

-God of Thunder and Lightning- (vacant)

-God of Water- Lympha by BbyCandy

-God of Fire- (vacant)

-God of Earth- (vacant)

-God of Life- (vacant)

-God of Wisdom- Worah by Leviathanlover

-God of War- Urashima by van-jorge

-God of Death- (vacant)

-God of Darkness- (vacant)

-God of Light- (vacant)

-God of Ice- (vacant)

-God of Hunting and Animals- (vacant)

-God of Illusion- (vacant)

-God of Fate- (vacant)

-God of Luck- (Reserved for Flikwatanabe)

-God of Choices- (vacant)

-God of Plants- (vacant)

-God of Children- (vacant)

-God of Love- (vacant)

-God of Music- (vacant)

-God of Corruption- (reserved for Veggie-the-conqueror)

(If you have an idea for another God, please send me a note and I will add it to the list)

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A made up RP world including four kingdoms for people with over-active imaginations and awesome OCs to use!

The chatroom:…

And the official website (created by BbyCandy):
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:iconveggie-the-conqueror: and I have created a reboot of this group, which takes place in a future where the kingdoms have all fallen to ruin. Anyone is welcome to join, and we plan to be as active as this group once was once enough people join.

Here's the group~ :iconaligned-rp:
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